Hypnotic Dream Work

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are

spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Hypnotic dream work:

Dreams hold information that the subconscious mind is trying to bring to the attention of the conscious mind. The voice of the subconscious mind is symbolism and imagery. Your dreams can be a complex communication from your subconscious mind written in the unique language of your own personal imagery. Each element can be another line in the message that your inner self is wishing to convey. And although as a culture, we share many symbols and icons for common representations, I believe that the imagery of the dreamer is unique to the dreamer.

Do you find that you have a recurring dream, or a recurring theme of dreams? Maybe they occur only at certain times of the year, like around the holidays, or when you are under added pressure at work? Have you ever had a dream that was unsettling to you, that left you feeling like you were missing something? Do you get an odd sense that there’s a lesson hidden somewhere in your dreams, that there’s something you’re supposed to learn from them, but you just don’t understand?

Using Gestalt techniques in hypnosis, you can revisit a dream and uncover the meaning of individual dream elements and what they really mean for you. Once clarified, the message can be life changing. And you may come to have a better understanding of the importance of your dreams and how they can help to lead you in more beneficial directions in your life.


Spiritual Awakening and Awareness:

Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening on a grand scale. More and more people are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction even when they have good jobs, happy relationships and relative financial stability. There is a nagging sense that there is more to life and want to have inner peace, but it remains just beyond their grasp. Maybe you have always known there was something more, but never knew how to start looking of it. Perhaps your ties to your family, social groups or community have kept you from investigating alternatives but now you feel you’re ready to look a little further.

Hypnotherapy offers several models to work with for the expansion of your Spiritual Awakening or Awareness. From mediation and awareness techniques to help you find relief from daily struggles to Past-life or Between-life regression that may offer a deeper explanation into the reality of life. Either method can help you gain greater understanding into the choices or events that you have experienced in your life, and perhaps help you learn more about yourself as a spiritual being.