Career Success

“You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser.

You are what you make yourself be.”

~Lou Holtz

Are you working to live or living to work? Do you have passion for what you do that propels you out of bed in the morning with an eagerness to begin another day and experience that sense of satisfaction and fulfillment? Are you giving your best efforts with unbounded enthusiasm and joy in your heart?

No? You trudge out of bed each morning, dreading the fact that you have to spend another day exchanging your time and energy for a paycheck? Feeling as if you are not really making a difference, but making someone else a lot of money? Just getting by and paying the bills, but not enjoying it.

Or maybe you find yourself somewhere in between. You enjoy what you do, you don’t really mind your job, you’re good at it and are treated well at work, but somehow it just isn’t satisfying. Perhaps you have thoughts gently scratching in the back of your mind, “I want meaningful and fulfilling work. I want to make a difference. I want to follow my dream. I want to do what I love.”

That’s great, but what do you love? What is it that you would do if you knew, beyond any doubt, that you would be unfailingly successful at it? What makes your heart sing? If we dare to let ourselves hope, we all have that one thing that we really, really want to do. Some of us may have even attempted the dream once and failed, so we swore off it, yet it never died. That dream, that hope, that desire is still in you smoldering, refusing to be snuffed out, refusing to be destroyed. Try as you might to forget about it, it haunts you, and every time it gets a chance, it taps you on the shoulder and says “I’m still here.”

Is it time for you to answer your dream? To tell it now, “I know and I’m doing something about it”. Is it time to take a step in the direction of your dream? Even just a small step? Lao-tzu tells us, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Hypnotherapy can help you on your career path, whether you want to continue with your current career and increase your income or prepare for a desired promotion, or if you want to change your profession entirely and move your life in a whole new direction.  By removing the blocks that create fear and anxiety, you can develop a success mind-set and prosperity consciousness, giving you clarity of vision to set and achieve your goals.