New Year, New Focus!

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Possibilities, Peaceful Beginnings and Great Expectations for The New Year

fotolia © Andy Dean

fotolia © Andy Dean

The New Year is traditionally the time of year we reflect on what we want to change in our lives.  In my experience, most people focus on negative things they want to stop doing such as: smoking, eating junk food, being a couch potato, or losing their temper with their kids, spouse, co-worker, in-laws, etc.  We tend to focus on removing the negatives. Sometimes it is just easier to look at the negative instead of trying to create what a new way of being might look or feel like. But it is not the strongest point from which you can affect a change.

What if you flipped the script on that old way of thinking and started focusing on the positive things you would prefer to experience?

Some people think it is the same thing, yet it really is not the same at all. We bring about what we think about, so whatever you focus on expands. Consider that for a moment. What you think about expands.  It seems simple enough, yet a majority of people discount the importance and that truth.  What you think about expands. Think about negative things and negative things blossom. Think about positive things and positive things blossom.

In other words, you get more of what you think about all day long. So where are you focusing your attention? On the undesirable things in your life? Your bad habit of smoking? Overeating or eating in an unhealthy manner? Have you ever noticed that when you start beating yourself up over it, you tend to do it more? There you go.  What you think about expands.  Thoughts have energy and energy collects. Things that are alike, are drawn to each other.  This is not a newly discovered scientific fact, it’s ancient knowledge.  Have you ever heard that birds of a feather flock together? That what that means; like attracts like.  And if you stay in the negative energy, it begins to affect you negatively.

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fotolia ©

So if you want to change something, why not focus on the positive aspect of the desired behavior?  What to quit smoking? Focus on being smoke-free instead. What to quit eating junk food? Focus on eating healthy foods. What to get off the couch? Think about the activity you want to participate in. If you want to stop losing your temper with people, focus on being present in the moment and being kinder and perhaps more patient.  When you stay present, you are not bringing up the past to cause more upset, or projecting into the future to produce worry.

Take a moment and do a little experiment for yourself.  Think about something you want to change, perhaps you are often late to work or meetings, and it is really causing you problems.  Close your eyes and take several cleansing breaths and then focus negatively on changing your situation, i.e., “I need to stop being late to work and meetings all the time.”  Now notice how you feel when you think that to yourself.  Let yourself experience that response for a short while, then let it fade.  Take another three breaths to change your state and return to a more neutral space, then focus positively on changing the situation with an affirmation of the desired way of being, i.e., “I am now managing my time better and arriving on time, or early, to work and meetings.” Now notice how that response feels different than the first one.

This is an easy way to begin to gently shift yourself into a more positive space and start to create a more positive you!

As published in Conscious Shift Community 12-29-2016