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Trust can be strong or fragile. It’s one of those intangible things that slips out of your grasp like quicksilver if you try to define it. It’s a feeling, a knowing, a certainty at times and a mystery as well. It is certainly not one size fits all. Sometimes you feel like you can trust someone right away, and others it take so long before you do. Trust is hard to obtain at times, and yet, so easily lost. And once lost, not ever really returned to its original state. That how it seems to me.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about trust in other people. Who do I trust? And on what level? I trust some people with my opinion, that they wouldn’t use it against me, but would I give them my checkbook? Or the keys to my house? It’s an interesting thing this fluidity of trust.

I’d like to think that I trust easily, but if I’m honest about it, I’ve had to work at trusting easily and that seems like a contradiction to me. So now I’m thinking in circles again. That happens a lot. Thinking in circles. Because everything and everyone is connected.

Trusting someone else involves a measure of trust in myself. And in the Universe. And now I’m back to Faith. I have Faith that I can Trust. Hmm. How interesting. I trust that all will be well and that all is how it should be, including me.

Is anyone else hearing echoes’?