My Choice for Today

Posted by on April 12, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on My Choice for Today

Today I choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice. And today I choose to be happy.

It’s a gray and cloudy, rainy day as a cold front moves, yet I choose to be happy.

My darling boyfriend is in the midst of some mysterious health concern, yet I choose to be happy.

My beloved Mother is in the hospital with a diagnosis of lung cancer and a tumor in her throat, yet I choose to be happy.

Am I happy that my Mom is ill and suffering? No. But I can still choose to be happy. Am I happy that my boyfriend is not well? No. But I can still choose to be happy. Am I happy that it’s a gray and cloudy, rainy day? Yes. Actually I am, yet my choice to be happy is about me and not the weather. Weather is weather; it has no emotional charge with me.

However, the same holds true for what Mom and boyfriend are experiencing now. My choice to be happy is about me and not about the circumstances in which I find myself.  If your happiness is attached to external events and experiences, to the happiness or well-being of another person, or even to a pet or place, then how can you ever truly be happy? How can you be happy outside of yourself?

Happy has to happen within. And the funny thing about it is that once you get that, once you really get that in your gut, that happiness comes from within, then you get to experience it on a whole new level. And you begin to express it outwardly. It is a naturally progression. So within, so without.
Sounds great. But how do I get there, you ask?

Start cleaning.

Take out the garbage. Throw away the stuff you don’t need anymore. Spring clean your soul. Look at your attitudes, behaviors, habits, your long held beliefs and ask yourself, “Do I really need this anymore? Is it serving me to my greatest good?”

And if the answer is no, if it doesn’t fit anymore throw it out like last year’s fashion or the pair of shoes that are just not comfortable anymore. Let it go and move forward.

I know, I know. Easier said than done. So get some help. Join a group. Tall to someone. Start taking better care of yourself. Read self-help books, or listen to them while your jogging or working out. Then do the work they suggest. Find a technique that can help you, write in a journal, do EFT (tapping), meditation, or hypnosis, but DO SOMETHING!

You can choose to be happier tomorrow than you are today. You can choice to be happier in the next moment. I hope you make that choice.

And remember….no one else gets to decide what happiness is for you, only you get to define what happiness is for you.