Being Out of Your Mind is Absurd

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Are you out of your mind?

Has anyone ever asked you that? Did you really think about the question before you answered? The question implies several things: that being “out of your mind” is a bad thing as is you have “lost it” or are crazy, that you are supposed to be “in your mind,” and most interestingly, that you can actually leave your mind.

The concept is absurd. How can someone be in their mind or out of their mind when the mind is not an actual place? You can be in your body or out of your body, but you can’t be out of your mind. Even when you are out of your body, your mind is still present.
How can that be? Your mind, whatever your mind rally is, is connected to the part of you that can actually leave your body as happens during an out-of-body-experience. If you have ever had an out-of-body-experience, then you know that your mind was present because you remember it. People who have had near-death-experiences, the most profound out-of-body-experience, are able to report on the event once they have returned to their bodies.

This is an intriguing concept, one that you may have been curious about, yet not so intriguing that you are willing to play chicken with death in order to learn more about it. Rest assured that you do not need to come close to death to have the experience of being out of your body. There are hypnosis techniques that can help you achieve the state needed to leave your body and to know first-hand what it is like to be outside or yourself and still fully aware. And it doesn’t require years of hypnosis or hypnotherapy training to achieve, either.

It starts with achieving a state of relaxation and then deepening that state further, all while maintain your awareness. It is a state where your body is sleeping, yet your mind is aware and aware. In this state you become aware of your spirit, and that your spirit is separate from your physical body. You can learn to move your spirit out of your body and experience existence on a far grander scale.

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It can take practice and discipline to learn to achieve and out-of-body-experience, yet the time dedicated to the practice is exceedingly rewarding once you have mastered the ability to leave your body and begin to remember who you truly are and reconnect with the Universe as an active participant. And remember that your mind goes with you so no matter how far into the reaches of the cosmos you travel while out of your body, you will never be out of your mind.