Aligned and Naturally Centered

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Photo by Marilyn Barbone

Photo by Marilyn Barbone

As we roll into a new year many people spend time reviewing the past year and looking at ways to improve themselves and their lives. New Year’s resolutions are proclaimed and vows made to do things differently next year. January first starts off with drastic changes and steely determination only to have that determination dissolved in a few days and old habits once again ruling the day. Working to make drastic changes usually results in failure. Balance is an important component to lasting change.

How would your life be different if you experience a true sense of balance? What if you could live more harmoniously and with greater peace of mind without evoking sheer will power? What if you could begin to be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere? To experience more balance?

It’s an appealing idea, isn’t it? To be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere? But how do you do that?

I believe the first step is willingness. Nothing begins without first having the willingness to be, do or have the thing, experience, or way of being you desire. Then once you have established that you are willing to be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere, you next have to be willing to do what it takes for you to experience that state in your unique way. Which means you need to be willing to be different than you are now, which means you need to be willing to let certain things go and be willing to allow others things into your experience.

It sounds easy, right? The thing is though, as you may have experienced if you have ever truly committed to consciously shifting into a new experience, the doing and the being can be very different things. But how hard could it be? It sounds so soft and pleasant to be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere. Sure. And it is. Once you’ve done it. But in the process you may find that you meet the unwanted head on in your quest.

Why? Perhaps because to be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere, you have to get out of your head and into your heart. You have to let love lead. You have to let go of attachments, to having things be the way you want them to be. You have to let others be in whatever space they find themselves in and not take anything they do or say personally. You have to give up being offended or needing to be right. You need to stop judging and start accepting. Letting things be. And it’s not about liking the things you don’t like. It’s about letting those things be what they are and not making someone else wrong for liking them, either. You can’t show everyone that you are the smartest person in the room and be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere, because you can’t be leading with your ego and be in balance spiritually.

So take it slow, play with it a few minutes at a time. Perhaps when you find yourself in the middle of yet another boring staff meeting and are beginning to feel aggravated at your coworker because she always has to be the first one to comment on everything the boss says, you instead turn your awareness inward an ask yourself how you could experience this person differently? So now instead of experiencing the self gratifying judgment of making your coworker wrong for her behavior, you consider her and why she might behave that way. What if you acknowledged to yourself that you really do not know why she behaves that way, and simply accept that her behavior must serve her in some way. What if you decided to feel lovingly toward this woman instead of judgement of her?

Do you think looking at someone through compassion could help you shift how you feel and help you be more balanced? Or at least closer to it in any given moment? And then, like anything else you practice, you’ll get better at it the more you do it. Soon you could experience a greater sense of balance as you discover you truly can be aligned lovingly and naturally centered everywhere.

As seen in Conscious Shift Community 12-29-15