What if?

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fotolia © Igor Mojzes

fotolia © Igor Mojzes

Have you ever stopped to consider that most of the amazing technology achievements that we take for granted in our daily lives were considered impossible just a few short years ago?  The computers, gadgets and devices that we use daily? The medicine and life-saving surgical procedures advancing life spans? Even the innovative food and entertainment options we have these days is incredible.

Each of these amazing, mind-blowing, incredible things came about because someone dared to think  “What if?”  Two small words that change the world and the way we live in it every day.

Two small words that can change you. Are you in the habit of asking yourself “What if…..?”  What if I found a new route to work?  What if I took a walk every day at lunch?  What if I took an online class? What if I go to a MeetUp group about Art History? Or meditation? Or baking? Or hang gliding? Or Pottery throwing? What if I did something different than I am doing now?

Would your life change? Probably. Maybe not in a huge way, but then again, it could.  The smallest step can be the beginning of the longest journey.  Have you thought about the possibilities?  How making just a small change could help you to move into all that you want in your life. How maybe, just maybe the impossible is possible.

Some times people have a hard time thinking in a new way, so let’s play a little game.  Answer the following questions with your first impulse.  Don’t think about them and look for the right answer. Just let the answer come out of your imagination without judgement or question.

What if I made more money?

What if I lost twenty pounds?

What if I could get along with my brother? (Sister, Mother, Father, pick any family member that may apply.)

What if I knew how to speak a second language?

What if I took up a new hobby?

What if I were to apply for that promotion at work?

What if I went somewhere new on vacation this year?

What if I bought a new car?

What if I dyed my hair purple?

What if I got a pet?

What if I started participating in the monthly staff meeting?

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The list of “What if’s” could go on and on.  And it’s likely that not every what if question here pertains to your life, yet the idea is to give yourself a moment to start thinking differently.  To start moving the lines that you habitually think within and expand the playground of your imagination.

If you want to create a better experience for yourself, you first must imagine it.  What would it look like? Feel Like? Be Like?  What color is it? What shape? Dare to imagine it. Some people have a really hard time allowing themselves to imagine.  They are fearful that if they admit that they want something, then if they can’t make it happen, they will be disappointed.  That could happen.  Yet, if you never let yourself imagine the thing, then you surely will be disappointed because you will never experience it.

To show yourself the power of your imagination, just take a small idea. Maybe the idea of someone offering to buy you lunch.  (This idea could help you expand your idea that there is abundance every where, by the way.)

You might start with asking yourself “What if someone offers to buy me lunch this week?” Then let yourself imagine what that might look like.  In your mind’s eye, take a few minutes to just imagine that someone offered you a free lunch. Maybe a family member or a co-worker.  Maybe it is something that they bring from home and offer you, or maybe they take  you out for lunch.  Don’t decide how it has to happen, just be open to allowing it to happen.  How many different ways might it happen? Be open to any of them and even to a way you may not have thought of yet.  Notice how you feel about the idea of someone giving you lunch and hold those good feelings in place when you think about it.

If the idea of someone offering you lunch is too difficult to imagine, make it something smaller, something you can easily accept, but not something that happens to you all the time.  You want to start to understand the power of how you can begin to create things in your life by using the power of your imagination.  When you get comfortable with imagining things like a free lunch, you can step into bigger things and possibly even dare to imagine the impossible and see the possibility come true.

Give it a try.  What if it works?

As published in Conscious Shift Magazine